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 Building Collaborative Relationships


When you hire Integrations you engage with a partnership that models and practices effective and accountable teaming and communication.

We work as a team with your team.

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Our vision is
to foster the transformation of vision and dreams into dynamic realities


Our mission is
to model and advocate clear,
accountable, and transparent relationships

"This is one of those trainings that you realize at the end of the week that you want to learn
            more... and  you have just gained a tremendous amount of knowledge."
                                                                                  ~  District Ranger, US Forest Service

"Building Collaborative Relationships:
                Creating Productive Relationships with People and the Land"

Collaboration, as a concept, has become widely accepted as a preferred way of working with people
    who have different interests and viewpoints. As recently as a decade ago that was not the case. 
    While most of us recognize the value of working together rather than continuing to argue and fight, 
    few have studied about it, or been trained in the skills to actually lead such an effort.
Collaboration is a complex process that requires skills and insights that are in many ways counter to
    societal norms. It requires learning to listen in different ways and for different things as people talk. 
    It requires enlisting people to co-create something that is of interest to many, rather than figuring
    out what each person/group has to give up so that everyone can “live with” the result. It requires
    learning to ignore entrenched positions and debates and how to draw out interests and create dialogue.
    It requires understanding that conflict is almost always rooted in paradox and that the way forward is
    in the realm of “grey” when most people want to turn issues into black-and-white choices that
    Solomon would want to avoid!
The workshop we offer emphasizes “real life” applications more than theoretical precepts, and weaves
    together the concepts of leadership, facilitation, group development, working with diverse personalities,
    and conflict resolution… in addition to the topics listed above. During this interactive course individuals
    learn ways to effectively work co-creatively with people of strong and diverse interests.
Building Collaborative Relationships
is designed for those committed to initiating, participating in, and/or
    leading new ways of managing natural resources.
            (For those interested in internal collaboration, please refer to
Team Strengthening.)

We are nationally recognized as teachers and facilitators in the realm of collaboration. There is
    consistent and growing understanding that traditional training presentations do not provide
    effective means for most people to learn collaborative skills, affirming that the “training” for
    collaboration is best provided though experiential learning. We believe that to be true.
    Experience is the primary way we learned both to “teach” and lead collaborative efforts.

“I learned how to listen with purpose,
                to identify the difference between positions and interests.”

“It is one thing to hear someone talk about leading in a certain way, and something
   else to participate in a group where collaborative leadership is being practiced.
      Hearing and seeing the language and actions reinforced for me their effectiveness. 
        It also helped me listen to what people say, hear how I respond, and reflect on how
           people react to my words and actions. … I believe you offer a program which is
              insightful, provides a working example of what you are teaching, and
                 promotes active participation by the group participants.”

“Your instruction on a complex topic is both sophisticated in its coverage,
                and plain and simple enough to be very accessible.”

I cannot imagine a discipline that could not benefit from this workshopI found this exciting!
                This is the training I've wanted for years."

"If it were up to me,
                every person in our agency would attend your workshop.


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