App marketing Agentur

  • Tracking integration and transparency
  • App store & play store optimization (ASO)
  • Creating individual marketing plans
  • Professional campaign management
  • Qualitative user aquisition
  • Retention & re-engagement
  • CRM & user segmentation

App marketing with INTEGR8

We´ve been taking care of app projects from all over the world for startups, medium sized companies and corporations since 2011. We can contribute valuable knowledge during all stages, from development and conception of an app all the way to its marketing strategies. We have established a partner network including not only just the big players like google, facebook, instagram and twitter, but also countless more providers in mobile market space, such as software- and tool providers. Described below are some of our outstanding strengths and services.

& analysis

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Detailed tracking is the foundation of measuring campaign results. So before using any marketing budget and aquiring users, we have to make sure that the tracking system is working reliably. That means we will accompany you all the way from implementing the correct system to creating the necessary campaign links, or to the creation of an automated system automatically assigning consecutive links to the corresponding campaign.

Alongside tracking solutions by google, facebook and co. we also work with different providers that we can choose from, tailored to your and your projects needs.

  • tracking of organic traffic
  • tracking of payed traffic
  • flexible definition of your own KPI´s
  • inhouse setup by request
  • exact tracking – from banner to conversion



App store optimization (ASO)

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Most app downloads are initiated through the app store search function. This is why a good positioning of topic relevant keywords in the stores (appstore, playstore) are crucial. As your mobile marketing agency we will find the ideal keyword-set for your app and optimize texts for increased visability and positive impact on search rankings in the store as well as on google search. We are monitoring your apps as well as your competitors´apps (keyword positioning, ratings, reviews etc)

  • traffic increase
  • download increase
  • permanent effects
  • keyword position measuring
  • competitive analysis

App performance marketing

more about app performance markting

Performance marketing within an app is important for continuous user traffic and activity. We have a lot of know how in this field due to our experience with e-commerce and app marketing and can advise you in choosing the right channels for your app, in establishing your target group and will create and continuously optimize campaigns for you. We are working with all ad-networks such as facebook, google, twitter and co. to achieve this.

  • we know all relevant channels
  • configuration advice
  • creative and promotional advice
  • professional campaign management
  • deals based on CPI, CPA and CPO

Burst campaign
App push campaign

more about app push - and burst campaign

Organic downloads are one of the most important reasons for a high ranking or placement in the top charts. Using a so-called app push or burst campaign a massive increase in user traffic is directed towards the app within a short period of time, which results in great user growth and a PR effect as well as a good ranking in the top charts.

  • massive user growth
  • ranking in top charts
  • low priced CPI
  • transparent user traffic
  • money-back guarantee

Maximum organic traffic and loyal users by targeted performance marketing & retention

Our app marketing approach is characterized mainly by an integrated view towards all relevant actions. A strategic procedure and a well thought-out app marketing mix consisting of CPI, CPA and CPO campaigns, ASO, app pushs etc lead to more qualitative users and long term app success.

Customers of our app marketing agency

More installations by conversion optimization

We have performed extensive performance campaign optimizations for the app of our customer “clever dialer”, which identifies spam callers via their numbers. The result: CPI decrease from 2.48€ to 0.45€. Based on 1000 installations this means a saving of 2030€. OF course this is only one of many examples – check our case studies for more.