App marketing strategy

  • Support during the development phase
  • Consulting about frameworks, integrations and SDKs
  • Userflow, user segementation and CRM
  • Tracking & Customer journey analysis
  • Development of marketing concepts
  • User aquisition via organic and payed traffic


The approach

Developing a lasting app strategy is the foundation for all following measures. Following strategic demands by our customers (such as company philosophy, company goals, corporate identity) we create a strategy recommendation which we present during a workshop and then subsequently use as a base to develop a plan of action. We analyse or, if desired, create screen designs and usability concepts to improve products and ensure an ideal framework for optimal marketing. The next step is to create the technical requirements by implementing all important trackingtools and SDKs. Following this we create a tailored to our customers goals marketing concept including media plan and support the customer during the entire project realization.

Kick off meetings

As part of kick off meetings we offer our customers the chance to present and discuss their already existing apps or strategic demands to new app development. Based on this we then develop suggestions for improvement for the already existing apps as well as thorougly new concepts for apps our customers have yet to launch. 

UX functions concept

A well thought through product which satisfies users is easier to market. It is crucial for functionality and additional value to go hand in hand. On the one hand, we can review already existing concepts of our customers and adjust them to professional standards, if necessary. On the other hand we can also develop thoroughly new concepts, which are the foundation for best possible user experiences (UX). 

UI & visualization

Visual appearance and app usability is tied up to the previously described function concept. We develop or review screen designs for our customers with the goal to reach optimal in-app usability and best possible user experiences. 

Technique & SDKs

Before app marketing can be started, all necessary requirements for marketing campaigns should be fulfilled. This includes selecting and implementing essential app add-ons  such as campaign tracking tools, app analytics and CRM tools. Without the installation of these tools in time valuable user data can be lost and also, transparency could lack in the whole marketing process.

Creating a marketing concept

Based on our customers company strategy and the available budget we develop a stringent marketing concept, which includes the channel and ad method selection as well as the budget distribution and timelines. We can flexibly adjust to our customers needs during the realization and help you to reach an optimal utilisation. We are also glad to share our expert knowledge with you and support you to use your inhouse resources as good as possible.


More succes with expert know how

By working together with INTEGR8 a solid foundation for lasting app marketing is created. We know all about the challenges app developers face and know how to create ideal conditions for a successful product - from the vision to the development stage all the way to planning and executing marketing measures.