App store optimization (ASO)

  • more organic traffic
  • higher visibility in app store
  • more organic downloads
  • greater popularity
  • higher revenue




Our standards

As an agency for app store optimization we always work with an ear to the ground and intently follow every new trend. Researching well-known blogs, exhibition visits, dialogue with industry coworkers and especially our own experiences help us to grow better every day.

  • keyword analysis and research
  • meticulous competitors analysis
  • selecting your optimal keyword combinations
  • optimized description copywriting
  • exact monitoring of KPIs

more traffic

App store optimization (ASO) results in the increased visibility of an app in an app store. This immediately effects the download numbers. More than 60% of the downloads happen through specific searches in the app store. This makes a good rating very important – for increasing organic traffic and generating more installations. Also, organically generated traffic is free of charge.


ASO potential

Do you know the search traffic potential of your app?

No? That puts you in the same boat with a lot of other enthusiastic “appreneurs”. A lot of them don´t pay enough attention to meta data and leave keywordfield, titel, description and reviews to pure chance or intuition, just like “if it sounds good and kind of fits my app, it will eventually lead to searches, right?”.

In this market a big chunk of the app are in exactly such an unsatisfying state. Even if ASO is not to be viewed as the only usable solution for traffic, it still is a very useful tool and builds the base for every following marketing strategy.  ASO is nothing less than the precondition for every professional app marketing plan.


Google play store
Apple store

The search algorithms of the two app stores are different. Just like in traditional SEO, the goal is to influence them positively. The ranking criteria of both stores are very different. Google, as an experienced search engine operator, has a very smart ranking, where description, social signals, links and much more play a significant role. The apple app store ranking algorithm is much less complicated. Apple trusts the publishers and focuses on keywords and the app title. Also, external factors like downloads and reviews play a much bigger role. If you´d like to know more about ranking criteria, check out our marketing glossary and our blog.


Intelligent creatives

Alongside more technical actions to improve the app store ranking, the use of creative and graphics are crucial. They are the only interface to the user and have to transport the right messages and informations to him within seconds. As app store experts we not only optimize the app store ranking, but also develop app icons, store screenshots and texts that animate users to install apps.

More than 60% of the downloads happen through specific searches in the app store.

Optimized app store presentation and good rankings are the foundation for successful app marketing. Optimal copy, continuos keyword testing as well as search environment and competitor monitoring are among the most important tasks, but the graphics and ad methods used play an essential role as well.

With A/B tests we ensure that app icons, titles and screenshots reach the targetgroup and deliver ideal results. Therefore we develop variations and insert them in upstream clones of app store landingpages, which we then trigger with traffic of the same volume. This paints a clear picture of which variation leads to the highest conversion rate or the best ratio of clicks to installations.