App testing &

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How to intuitively
understand apps.

Usability and functionality of an app are key for user satisfaction and long term success. Elaborate UX/Usability & software analysis are therefore crucial. They can be used at any stage to detect problems and avoid costly additional expenses. A detailed report featuring the results includes the measured usability and software problems as well as practical improvement solutions.

Usability test

During a usability test the practicality and usability of an app is tested by potential users. Herefore, a “user case” during which the test person needs to go over certain tasks is created. The test persons are being monitored trying to solve the tasks. As the developer tends to become professionally blinkered during the development phase, overlooking weak spots in the product can happen easily – therefore it makes sense to let the app be tested by an independent evaluation team. After the test each participant is interview with specially designed, goaloriented questions. Those answers are evaluated and interpreted.

After the weak spots have been localized and defined, the product is optimized in a way that most users find it “easy to use”. Usablitiy tests are no luxury, as usability is crucial for the success of an app.


Ease of use

Mobile apps are complex systems and therefore initially rather technical than focused on usability. Our goal is to create an optimal user experience for every user. That means, “hiding” the complex background from him. Complexity is usually a problem for the human being due to restricted cognitive resources. The brain always looks for the easiest way to the finish line: the more intuitive an app is, the more pleasant it is for the user. So as long as he is not overwhelmed by the complexity of an app, he won´t find using it as a burden. Our goal is to reach that ease of use. The real complexity of an app is hidden from the user. As a pioneer in mobile marketing integr8 has the know-how and the experience to make your app successful. We make sure your idea won´t fail due to technical and manual obstacles and users can enjoy your product unhindered.

  • test person recruiting
  • creating of user cases
  • detailed evaluation
  • optimization consulting