ASO analysis

  • Onpage & keyword analysis
  • analysing app visibility
  • analysis of external ASO criteria


More organic downloads


Organic downloads typically make out the biggest part of total installations of an app. To use this channel in the best possible way we help our clients to increase the visibility of their app. App store optimization is seperated into different areas which share the common goal of increasing visibility in the app store. For this number and position of key rankings as well as category rankings should be increased. There are several starting points to reach this. ASO mainly works with meta data which can be stored in the store and with conversion optimization on the store page. This not only increases the apps presence, but also generates customers.

On-page & keyword analysis


One of the most important parts of ASO are keyword rankings. The focus here lies mainly on generating good rankings for the most important and conversion strongest keywords. Therefore, keyword analysis always represents the starting point of app store optimization. After suitable keywords have been detected, a status quo is created, displaying the current rankings. Hereafter the keywords can be added to the important parts of app stores. Later on the status quo analysis helps us to determine and observe the effects of our ASO measures. 

Reporting & optimization fine tuning


After executing the primary optimization and the updated data was able to generate its effect in the store we evaluate the effect of our measures, since unfortunately not all effect are predictable beforehand. This step helps us gain a more exact picture of the best performing keywords for our clients app. Based on these insights we expand the keyword analysis and update the apps metadata to achieve the best results. It is advisable to repeat this work regularly.


By working together with INTEGR8 you are creating a solid foundation for lasting app marketing. With the initial optimization the app store data is adjusted to delivering the app in the search results for relevant search queries.  A constant optimization based on this allows continuos improvement of the apps presence. Also, content is designed for increasing the conversion probability of visitors. We enjoy helping our customers to realize to potential of their app.