Content marketing for apps

  • higher organic visiblity
  • customer loyalty through high-quality content
  • several touchpoints in customer journey

Quality content

Content marketing is all about the contents quality and relevance. The content has to address the target group and represent the product - this also counts for apps. To enable good content marketing one has to be very certain about the corporate identity regarding the product and its target group. As soon as all these topics are cleared with the client we move over to designing several content areas which offer enough space for new content. 

  • content tailored to target group
  • creating a content plan
  • concepting different content areas

Entry point for users



Great content offers users entrance points on a website. It addresses the user right at their search intention, which succeeds best if different site areas handle different search intentions. Also outside of the search area, for example in seeding, the additional value should be clearly visible to trigger entering a website. 

  • entry points through search and seeding
  • content tailored to search intentions of target groups
  • amplyfing an apps external effect

Lasting customer loyalty

Content marketing offers customers and interested persons content which interests them beyond the sale and the product. This lets a website build trust in a topic field and offer additional value to a customer during every step of the customer journey. This gain in trust and authority also transfers to the app and has a positive impact on the brand image. Not only does this lead new customers to the app while they´re still looking around, but also existing users are constantly reminded about the app. Especially in combination with app indexing users can be led directly from mobile search to the app.

  • target group specific content and formats
  • considering different search intentions
  • highly engaged app users

Strategic seeding

Content and inbound marketing is all about winning customers by offering them additional value. We help not only by developing a strategy for content creation, but also to distribute this content in the most ideal way to get as much attention as possible from target groups. This way new users are acquired as well as well as existing users are activated over and over again.

  • reach target groups where they are
  • constantly grow networks
  • generate web-to-app traffic

Strong content for a strong product

Each app needs a website to be present outside of app stores. In many cases it is worthwhile to use the website as its own marketing tool rather than merely present the app. We are happy to help our clients generate web traffic iwth a great content marketing strategy for apps.