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Agency for app marketing with facebook.


An enormous reach and exact targeting are just two of many factors that make facebook very interesting as a marketing platform for apps. App install and app engagement ads enable to pick up potential users exactly where we want them to be: while mobile browsing. With the user informations and interaction details of facebook reportings we can provide all necessary informations to define the ideal targetgroup and create effective and cost-efficient advertisements.


More installations and activities


Would you like more users or more activity within your app? By means of different types of advertising and our expertise in app marketing we can be of help with that. While you can recruit new users with app install ads, engagement ads are used to engage users to an action, for example an in-app purchase. The most diversifying feature hereby are the so called call 2 actions: “install app” and “use app”.

Individual targeting


As it is commonly known, Facebook possesses plenty of informations about its users.  So, Targeting is used to create a profile, which is – among the usual demographic data (age, sex, origin) – also defined by interests and behavioral patterns. Custom audiences can be additionally used to upload own user data, which enables a highly qualitative retargeting.