Public relations for apps

  • environment selection
  • creating editorial content
  • contacts to the scene´s magazines and bloggers
  • comprehensive press relations

Contacts matter

Sponsored posts are a very important tool of app public relations. Advertorials and reviews deliver backlinks, leading to improved rankings and therefore initiate higher organic traffic. A continuous stream of qualitative backlinks that signals movement to the store is highly important for the apps rankingfactor. Our diverse contacts to the most renowned journalists and bloggers, such as the t3n magazine, AndroidMag, Chip and many more qualify us as a PR agency to generate a high reach for our customers.

We write professionally

We are working with professional copywriters and creative minds to ensure that our customers apps stand out from the competition. We create press releases which don´t disappear in the huge flood of always same sounding statements. Also, we launch actions that lead to a lasting impression: from unconventional launch parties to fancy gimmicks or guerilla marketingcampaigns we offer a broad range of creative solutions.

Always focused on the goal

On the fastpaced and still very young app market classical PR shouldn´t be overlooked. A regularly updated mailing list as well as the direct contact to print- and onlinemagazines are equally important for improving an apps reach as generating qualitative backlinks. Together they build the foundation for successful PR campaigns and therefore for our work as an app PR agency.

Good app PR leads to tripled success


Purposefully applied app PR makes sense in three different ways: First, it impacts the app ranking, second, it creates reach and third, it triggers installations. By means of good contacts and a thought-through, well developed distributor we can implement a specifically targeted app PR as well as offer advantageous conditions for sponsored news and advertorials. For that matter we are using classical PR instruments as well as innovative ones to ensure your apps key message reaches the desired target group.