App push and burst campaigns

  • low priced CPI
  • money-back guarantee
  • top ranking in the stores
  • high PR effect
  • many new users


Benefits while launching an app

Especially at the launch of a new app a push campaign can be a crucial step. Always keep in mind that there are already more than a million apps in the app store and play store. Without a strong marketing strategy the failure is nearly guaranteed, due to the constant  stream of apps. A push campaign helps you to attract to necessary attention.

Avoiding stagnation

With a high amount of downloads a certain amount of fluctuation is quite normal. Sometimes though the traffic buildup for an app stagnates for a longer period of time or suffers from a big slump after an initial success. In such cases a targeted app push can be exactly the needed action for a renewed increase. Do you want more growth in your app and a higher presence in the best-of charts? We have a lot of experience in this market – with providers as well as with the different form of advertisement models – and would love to advise you.

On the benefit of app campaigns

App push and burst campaigns describe a form of app marketing where within a short amount of time an enormous amount of downloads are induced. This usually happens via platforms or other promotion apps, where the new app can be promoted within the existing user base in a way that as many potential users as possible are triggered to download. The resulting installations are (if you calculate the CPI) not only very cheap, but also have pleasant side-effect: they can potentially lead to a top ranking in the app store or play store charts.