Retention & Re-engagement

  • essential for all type of apps
  • decreases CPO costs
  • activity has impact on store ranking
  • increases user loyalty
  • works across multiple channels (google, facebook & co)


Retention & Re-engagement

“While mobile startups already invest heavily in user acquisition, retention – committing the user to the product – is not in the focus of marketing deciders.” (via gründerszene.de)

The installation of an app is merely the first step of the customer journey. A low priced CPI is no guarantee for the success of a free-of-charge app. CPA and CPO are ultimately more important – meaning the in-app actions and buys. Besides the smart purchase of installations (quality = higher engagement = lower CPA/CPO) there are a whole range of possibilities to positively influence the in-app engagement. This is why engagement campaigns are as important for the economic success of an app as the acquisition campaigns. Additionally it is worth mentioning that engagement campaigns such as remarketing/retargeting or push messages cost only a small fraction of installation campaigns. The intensifying of in-app activity can also have a positive impact on app store optimization (ASO).

Possible app engagement campaigns

Via remarketing/retargeting campaigns we address the already existing app users with advertisements in other apps and on mobile website and direct them back to your own app by use of targeted advertising messages to trigger an action (purchase).

  • remarketing campaign in google display network
  • app engagement campaigns in in-app networks
  • retargeting campaigns with facebook
  • real time bidding in different ad exchanges
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