Real time bidding

  • placing ads in real time
  • decrease CPO/CPA costs
  • flexible budgets
  • total cost control


RTB in the app area

RTBs strength is its ability to exactly target based on big data. This advantage can be used in app marketing to generate installs or increase app interaction. By placing ad media in a relevant context and by specifically targeting towards the most important target groups we reach high interactions rates with low costs. Specifically on app marketing targeted targeting functions, such as orientation on users who have already installed certain app make this advertisement possiblity highly efficient.

  • high mobile reach on websites and apps
  • retargeting via own data
  • additional purchase of third party data for new customer aquisition

Efficiently use advertising space

By means of a demand-side-platform we buy advertising space in realtime. Data such as cookies and ad IDs let us reach our clients target group at the right time and space. By focussing on the target group instead of placements we always deliver the advertisement to the intended person, and all this for a low cost TKP.

  • mobile-optimized shopping platform
  • precise mobile targeting
  • pinpointed geofencing



Customer aquisition with third-party data

Purchasing third-party data helps us to create target groups which are exactly tailored to our clients advertising objectives. We create audiences on a data management platform, which can consist of a combination of our own and additionally purchased data. Here we can use geographic and socio-demographic data alongside ad IDs and cookies - so the ads always reach the right person.

  • purchasing target groups
  • geotargeting and local ads
  • targeting by socio-demographic data
  • and much more

RTB enables selective and
flexible ad delivery to the targeted user

Real time bidding (RTB) means the bidding on deliverable ad placements in real time. Real time bidding has the main advantage to be able to bid on a just opened ad spot, while the visitor is still browsing the website. This enables the marketing budget to be used very flexibly. It also opens up new possibilities for targeting. The budget can be adjusted as well as an increased user quality by minimizing wastage can be reached.




Customer journey:
foundation for
better campaigns

A continuous customer journey analysis enables the assessment of marketing campaigns and hence a more efficient budget distribution by an applicable attribution to all in the conversion process involved advertising tactics (impression based assisted conversion view).

Why real time bidding?

Real time bidding allows for an optimal utilization of ads. Live exchange of advertisements enables you to keep an eye on the budget and distribute it accordingly. This means that with real time bidding you actually only get the banners that you as an advertiser are aiming for. At the same time, real time bidding allows for a collaboration across multiple platforms, which not only simplyfies the work, but also decreases costs. Also, using real time bidding frees up new targeting potential: for example, if a visitor opens a website, he gets delivered an ad through RTB. From that moment on, the visitor can be tracked and specifically targeted by using retargeting campaings.