App marketing with SEA

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Agentur für App Marketing mit SEA

Agency for app marketing with SEA

App marketing works well beyond the borders of the app stores. To direct as many users as possible into the app stores and to create interest in the app, a marketing mix consisting of ASO, performance marketing and PR is advised. SEA also plays a significant role.

Google is the ideal app marketing channel

Google is the biggest search platform and also offers a display network (adsense) with a  high range of reach. Advertisement forms specially designed for app marketing and well-tried methods such as remarketing and targeting make google next to facebook, affiliate and SEO a very good marketingchannel for mobile applications.

Google ist der optimale App-Marketingkanal
Google - Displaynetzwerk und Admob

Google display network and admob

The extensive network offers the possibility to deliver advertising messages in form of a banner or text ad on topic relevant websites or in apps (admobs), specifically on mobile devices. The placements can be specifically selected or driven by theme or keyword targeting. Next to the placements, demographic targeting can also be used for delivering the ads (age, sex, interests).  The display and in-app campaigns are sometimes seen as less efficient compared to the search network. We don´t necessarily agree with that view. By a constant campaign optimization (advertising media, placement-exlusives, targeting) we reach good performance results with this channel. The google display network is also ideal if branding effects want to be increased.

Google remarketing for apps

Remarketing (retargeting) is possible in the search- as well as in the display network. It is one of the most powerful adwords tools. This technology allows our agency, to directly reach users that have already installed a particular app or have visited the website or a certain screen in the app. Hereby we can reach users, that already have a connection to the product and it is easier to convince them to conversions or leads. As an example: a user that has already installed our photobook app will be shown image advertisements while browsing on his phone, right before mothers day, triggering him to use his already installed apps and to buy a gift.

Google - Remarketing für Apps
Google - Suchnetzwerk

Google search network

The google search network not only has an unbelievably big reach, but is also very well suited to reach exactly the people who search for our customers content. By identifying the search requests expression a search intention which makes reaching our advertising goals likely, we can efficiently translate the search traffic in app installations and in app actions.

Beyond this the google search network offers special ad formats and advertising functions which makes it an ideal app marketing channel.