SEO & content marketing
for apps

  • more organic app traffic via search engines
  • using mobile search for apps
  • perfect complement to ASO

SEO for apps is a term which can easily lead to confusion, since it very often means app store optimization. But SEO can also be implemented outside of ASO in app marketing. The mere presentation of an app on a website helps to convert interested persons in customers, but who do those interested persons find the website? We help our clients to increase the findability of their websites with an SEO strategy specifically tailored to app marketing if desired.

Content marketing for apps

more about content marketing for apps

Content marketing for apps, just as SEO for apps, is used to call interested persons attention towards an app and convert them to customers. Different to other app marketing measures a website as an intermediate step is still necessary, but it is worth to include this step to broaden the target area and increase organic presence and thus lead more customers to their app.

Our good contacts to publishers in the app industry help us to effectively increase the reach and popularity of brands and products our clients with the help of PR. Advertorials and reviews are highly important tools, since they bring customers via recommendations they trust. To ensure that our messages not only reach target groups, but also convince them, we employ professional and creative copywriters that help our clients app to stand out from the competition.