SEO for apps

  • more organic installs
  • higher app visibility
  • strategic consulting

SEO strategy for app marketing

The numerous strategies and methods which have been developed in search engine optimization over the years are also great for marketing apps. We are broadening our strategic approach with app specific SEO strategies to achieve the best-possible results.

  • focus on mobile search
  • considering app relevant search strategies
  • generate web traffic - gain app customers



Web to app traffic

App marketing aims for app installs and in-app actions. App topics are traditionally searched for in the web, mobile as well as at desktop search. A search engine optimized website with topic-relevant, high quality content offers the possibility to direct traffic towards the app store entry

  • bigger target area for organic rankings
  • increased presence in search engines
  • natural increase of organic installs



App Indexing & Mobile Search

Alongside traditional SEO strategies bringing web-to-app traffic there are also strategies only suitable for apps and their organic presence in search engines. App indexing helps app content being found in mobile search and therefore directs users towards the app via the search results. This increases retention and interaction rates.

  • effective retention through organic search results
  • best practice for app indexing
  • close combination of mobile search and apps

We are helping our clients apps to more presence

Search engine optimization aims for increasing a websites organic presence. An apps SEO strategy aims to make this approach usable in the overall app range. By building a site with content relevant for an apps area of topic we can achieve more rankings than by an app store entry alone. SEO therefore is, alongside performance marketing, the perfect complement to ASO.