App tracking & customer

  • target group and source analysis
  • integrated observation of all channels
  • customer journey analysis
  • choosing appropriate channels
  • appropriate budget distribution





Where do my app-users come from? How did they find my app? Are my performance actions on facebook, twitter, google etc reasonable? Or should I rather focus on organic traffic and use more ASO, SEO and community management? Users generally encounter several different types of advertising. During the customer journey analysis we obverse and evaluate those encounters to assess if the marketing budget is spent on the right channels.

App tracking

 It is crucial to use the correct analysis tools, to collect all data, evaluate them and interprete them correctly to be able to make the right decisions. We will do all this for you with our detailed tracking and analysis service.


  • choice of the correct analysis software
  • monitoring of SDK implementation
  • monitoring of installation development
  • marketing actions performance analysis
  • reporting and strategy consulting
  • proactive campaign adjustments




Functional tracking is the foundation
of successful app marketing

Reliable tracking allows us to retrace user origin and which marketing channels they were in touch with before an app-installation or an in-app-purchase. As an app marketing agency we observe all relevant platforms and methods – from facebook, google and twitter to SEO and ASO. The resulting obversations and recommendations make all the difference between success and failure.