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Twitter Marketing

Agency for app marketing with twitter

With a reach of more than a billion unique devices and 130 billion ad requests twitter positions itself next to facebook as one of the biggest ad platforms. The mobile ad package for apps by twitter consists of the usual features – such as creating creative and their targeted use as well as, obviously, the measurement of the respective campaign. 

Reaching above the possibility of engaging users through ads to download an app, they can afterwards also be engaged to continuously use the app – which increases the interaction rate. To only address the desired target group twitter allows you to access personal data such as sex, region, language and mobile platform. Twitter also offers a wide range of possibilities. We as a mobile marketing agency would love to help you build successful campaigns on twitter which will address your target group as effectively as possible.

Twitter Marketing

Bigger range of reach

Developers are highly advised not to disregard twitter app marketing due to the high reach the immense potential. The possibility to classify customers individually by interests, keywords, preferred TV content etc lets you create a specific target group. The hashtag # plays a leading role here. It is to be highlighted that CPAC-based campaigns (cost-per-app-click) can be realized, that only create costs if a customer is actually clicking on the ad.

Taking off with twitter

To design your ad next to the other tweets as appealing as possible, app icons and descriptions can be used with twitter. App icons and copywriting from the app store and google play store can be used, as well as new versions can be created. Also, twitter supports deep linking, providing potential users with an even smoother approach to downloading your app. The possibility of adding additional copywriting to your ad, that explains why a user should download exactly your app, rounds down the functional range of twitter.

Twitter Marketing