Analysen & Strategien

Design & creation

  • Copy- & campaign strategies
  • Banners & ads
  • App- & web design
  • App- & web development

Design & creation with INTEGR8

We create performance oriented advertising media and user interface designs. Thanks to our comprehensive experience regarding ad medias effects we possess a lot of expertise and produce ads with the aim to reach the highest possible conversion rate.

From designing the ad media we first work out a creative leitmotif for our clients target groups and then implement the campaign in the respective formats. Especially with executing and displaying the ad media we focus on implementing a broad variation range, meaning numerous graphic variations within our copy strategy framework. This enables us to later identify the best performers during test campaigns - meaning the ad media which performed best at the target groups. 

Copy & campaign strategies

When it comes to campaigns, our clients get everything one-stop: planning, conception, content and implementation. We are experts in online and social media marketing and if desired, create a cross media campaign where the content complements each other and is published in a strategically sensible way on various channels.

Banners & ads

Display ads (banners) or social media ads are the most popular advertisement form in the internet. These online ad media are used for wide range branding as well as for increasing sales numbers. To help our clients reach their goals in the best way possible we offer numerous advertisement options: from facebook canvas to the usual display formats - we are proficient in the whole repertoire. Clients can find mobile banners, instagram ads, animated ads, homepage sliders as well as website headers and much more in our services. 

Web design

The first impression counts in online marketing - and it´s a short one! A website or campaign landing page is usually the first thing a customer sees from an online appearance. Before going into more detail, we initially work out an innovative concept for our clients and create the information architecture for their pages. Here we look at the fundamentals of a positive user experience (UX), since together with the concept this is the foundation for creating a successful website. Of course we also regard our clients corporate identity and develop their pages in a responsive design which makes them suitable for all platforms.

App design

We design the graphic user interface for clients who have already developed a concept for android or iOS apps: our user interface designs (UI) respond to the user experience (UX) standards and convince with their simple structure and appealing visuals. Usability is of the highest priority here, since good reviews in app stores are crucial. This is also why we not only create icons, but also screenshots and app video previews for Googles play store or Apples app store. Here we make use of our marketing experiences and delete conversion killers before they even make it into the app.

App & web development

We develop adequate websites for our clients ideas and projects. Clients who want to reach a broad audience and want to present themselves accordingly in the internet not only get their website concept from us, but also a suitable design, technical implementation and a content management system of their choice - to ensure they can manage their content on their own. In short: they get everything they need.

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