UX-, UI- & app design

  • excellent app designs for iOS & android
  • user stories & screenflow based on marketing experience
  • professional wireframing & prototyping
  • asset production for highest standards

App design process

Our user interface designer have got many years of experience in creating app designs. Since our agencies main focus lies on marketing our knowledge from this area flows directly into design. This ensures that our app designs have a high grade of usability and therefore ideal requirements for the future app distribution.

"Something which looks good but is hard to operate is a great example for a strong UI but a weak UX design, whereas something which is easily operated but horribly looking is a great example for a strong UX but a weak UI design."

App Design

User experience design

The user experience design provides screenflow and logic.


Sketch & wireframing

Based on the user experience design scribbles and wireframes are created.

App Design

User interface design

The wireframes are the foundation for developing the final user interface design.

App Design

Step by step to a perfect UX & UI design

The UX design determines the interaction between the user and the app. The usability and the general user experience is derived from it. Wireframes are the blueprint of the app. Hence the UX design also design the frame for the following UI design. Without a well thought-through UX even the most beautiful design is worthless in the end. Our services include:

  • target group & user research
  • rough outlines & first scribbles
  • user stories, screenflow & sitemaps
  • wireframing & prototyping
  • development

App icon design

The app icon is one of the smallest app features, but at the same time on of its most important ones. More than one million apps in the app stores leave the user spoilt for choice - therefore it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. This is best achieved with a polarizing app icon which is both aesthetic and pithy and stays in a users mind. Since we don´t like to solely rely on intuition, we test different versions of the icon for its conversion rate and can therefore make a decision based on data.

  • we create a selection of icon concepts
  • we design graphic modifications of the favourites
  • we then run several test campaigns with different tools
  • we determine the icon with the highest conversion rate (clicks > installs)
App Design

Screenshot design

App store screenshots play an increasingly important role for an apps success. Apples developer guide for example states that "the screenshots of your app are one of the most important elements of your apps success". This is the reason why they meanwhile make up about 75% of all landingpages and immediately catch someones eye. They are supposed to spark enough curiosity in a user that they only leave the page after having downloaded the app. We make sure that our clients screens

  • have the correct dimensions
  • are conversion optimized
  • include app screenshots
  • communicate the apps USPs
  • are localized, leading to an average CR increase of 33%

Example: Suppvice