App development

  • extensive support & planning
  • reliable project management
  • detailed and realistic estimates
  • diverse development methods
  • professional tools & extensive testing

App development with INTEGR8

We develop state of the art apps and backends for iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android phones & tablets. We therefore build individual CMS, CRM and push services which build the foundation for flexibility, security and close monitoring. What makes INTEGR8 special is our marketing experience: we know all relevant marketing channels and consider the diverse usage possibilities already during the development process. This way we´re making sure that all necessary SDK integrations for campaigns, tracking and user segmentation are implemented and at the same time ideal requirements for future marketing campaigns are created. 

Example: PeblTree



Concept & support

Based on our many years of experience with apps we can offer extensive support. Starting with conception all the way to choosing a suitable framework and subsequent monetization.




UX & UI design

Our experienced UX & UI designers always support our clients during the process of developing a user experience concept and the subsequent user interface design. We have designed more than 100 apps and know the users needs and wants.


Development process

A smooth flow and professional project management are crucial for us - there is nothing more frustrating than a delayed release. To ensure everything works out as planned we employ project managers who look after the efficient flow of all processes controlled by us.


Support & maintenance

We update and maintain our clients app store accounts: from uploading app binaries to maintaining screenshots, texts and release notes all the way to corresponding with apple, google and update installation. We make sure everything runs smoothly. 

  • reliable and customized support in all areas
  • trustworthy technologies, services and security measurements
  • data privacy as an integral element