Banners & ads

  • creation and performance go hand in hand
  • extensive testing for best performance
  • development and enhancement of working concepts
  • animated and static display ads
  • website headers & sliders

Conversion optimization design

As an agency with focus on performance we are always looking for the most effective advertising media. The collaboration between our performance area and creation grew more intense from year to year. Both sides share their experiences to include every perspective into the design process. The ad message has be consumable within seconds. This, for example, could mean that our performance experts need to put a break handle on our conception designers creativity every now and then.

On the other hand an ad medium should exceed the mere display of USPs in order to stand out from the crowd. Reaching the best possible click through or conversion rate has the absolute highest priority here. From our experience even small changes in design can have a huge impact on an ads success. This is why we perform extensive A/B tests especially during the first ad sets.


Animated and static display ads

We create static and animated GIF or HTML5 banners. The decision on which format to choose is not made randomly, but positions itself to the concept. Not every message needs to be animated. We deliberately use the different possiblities the world of ads has to offer.

For testing purposes it is advised to create ad media in several variations, since oftentimes even small modifications, such as a slightly different call-to-action button or a different color scheme can lead to measurable differences in the click through rate. More complex and animated banners frequently perform better. With their help complex informations can be communicated more easily. More frames also help display a timeline more easily: intro information, main information and additional information such as call to action.

  • all standard ad formats
  • attention capturing ad message communication
  • maximum conversion rates


The homepage is the starting point for every following interaction. The first impression on the landing page is often crucial for the retention time. A homepage slider and the information it contains are supposed to awaken a users interest. 

The user can therefore categorize the website as relevant and identify its operator as a "problem solver". The homepage slider can be viewed as a kind of show case for the virtual shop. Designed as an eyecatcher, it usually performs a big part of the necessary persuading. We happily consult our clients with the right image choice and the creative implementation of their homepage slider.


Homepage banners

Web- or homepage banners are advertisements as graphics or images on a website. The banners have hyperlinks included that lead directly to category pages, product detail pages or specifically created campaign landing pages. We gladly support our clients with creating their ad media.

  • many years of experince in banner creation
  • well thought-through concepts and top designs
  • full service 

Social Ads Facebook Canvas

Canvas allows simple and great storytelling on landingpages or microsites that can be created and run directly in facebook. The digital fullscreen is similar to instant articles, only that canvas links ads and websites and hence enables an extraordinary user experience in facebooks mobile newsfeed. Canvas hereby links text, videos and pictures in a very simple way.

  • smart and effective info placement
  • tension arc creation
  • strategy, design, support - all in one

Social ads

With more than 1.04 billion active daily users at the time being, facebook is the biggest social media platform.  28 million people in Germany use facebook, 85% of them also use it on a mobile device. These numbers show very clearly: facebook and instagram ads should be considered for every marketing strategy. Especially for companies of small to mid size the cost to reach ratio is in a good balance. 

Instagram offers ideal conditions for visual content marketing. Both platforms are well suited if you want to be present in the mobile segment, since 70% of facebooks traffic is generated on mobile devices. Other social media platforms such as xing, linkedIn or twitter offer display inventory, excellent targeting possibilities and an enormous reach as well. Our conceptual designers and designers develop campaign strategies and create ads which are matched to their respective platforms.

  • well experienced in creating successful ads
  • facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, xing & co
  • the whole range: lead ads, fan ads etc
  • thought-through concepts for every device

Social Ads cover images

The first thing a visitor sees on a facebook pages is its cover. With a width of 851px and a height of 315px the cover is the biggest visual element on the facebookpage and usually covers about a quarter of the screen, making it the signboard for our clients. Choosing it hence is a delicate affair. We support our clients with image choice, placement, call to actions and how to link the cover image with other elements.

  • clever strategies & designs
  • successful conception & programming
  • works on every device

The procedure

The procedure happens in three stages: first the products USP are determined. This leads to analysing target groups. From these still relatively wide target groups we define characteristics which ideally reflect the USPs as well as our clients target groups specifically. With the help of creative input and the different characteristics we develop copy strategies which are then translated into creatives and tested in different variations. Since this is traditional statistics, a bit of time is needed until a signicifant amount of data has been gathered. 

With these analyses and our already broad experiences in this area we´ll try to measure the potential of our clients products and services as exact as possible. Sometimes it can take a little while until the right note is struck - but afterwards the main idea can be fully developed. A constant change of creatives ensures non-satiation. The whole process makes sure that the ad media is matched to its respective products and services in the best possible way and reach great conversion rates. Our strategic approach has already helped many of our clients to very successful campaigns.