INTEGR8 was started as a one-man-show. The online marketing agency emerged from ROST CC, which was founded in spring 2010 by David Rost, who used to work as a media consultant for various agencys and publishers. Originally performing as a full-service agency consulting on all (online) marketing areas, Rosts agency soon became a determined executive online marketing agency and focused primarily on performance marketing, social media marketing, online PR and cooperation marketing.

From the very beginning, it was consulting the companies BOXHAUS (fitness supplies) and MIFcom (gaming PCs and workstations), which in the meantime have grown to market leaders in their industries. Online marketing needs to have fully integrated advertisement methods, that is Rosts credo. When the first “app customer” came on board in 2012, it soon became clear that this client also was a clear indicator for where the journey was to head.



In the beginning of 2013, Michael Rutkowski joined ROST CC. His deep knowledge in search engine optimization expanded the agencys portfolio with a substantial skill. Mid-year through 2013, ROST CC became the marketing agency INTEGR8, which then shortly after, in April 2014, became a GmbH. Today, INTEGR8 advises customers from the most various industries in online and mobile/app marketing.

The agencies focus is on conceptualizing comprehensive marketing strategies and their implementation based on integrated communication. From customer journey analysis to search engine and app store optimization to social media marketing and display campaigns, INTEGR8 offers its customers pretty much all important digital brand communication tool at once.