Online Marketing

  • Tracking & customer journey
  • SEO & organic traffic optimization
  • Individual marketing concepts
  • Professional campaign management
  • RTB, google, facebook, ad networks & co.

Key aspects of our online marketing agency


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If you want to direct more traffic to your website and create more conversions, you can´t ignore performance marketing. Choosing the most suitable channels plays as much as a role as the approach and realization of actions. Google offers via its dominating display network the possibility to reach plenty of target groups, while facebook can deliver more specific target group reach via facebook ads. Furthermore, cost efficient real time bidding is also significant, as well as the possibility of seeding ads “for free” via many pages, to reach even more users (affiliate). Also a topic not to be ignored is retargeting since it engages users to return to pages and leads to sales.

  • we know all relevant channels
  • combination consulting
  • creative and advertisement consulting
  • professional campaign management
  • deals based on CPC, CPA and CPO



Search engine
optimization (SEO)

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These days, a good search engine ranking is highly important in nearly all industries. More visitors means more turnover and publicity. Search engine optimization is a craft – and for a craft you need specific knowledge. We as a SEO agency optimize your website regarding modern and clean ranking criteria. Thus we cater for a continuous improvement of your position in the most important search engines. 

  • traffic increase
  • more downloads
  • lasting effect
  • keyword positioning measurements
  • competition analysis



Successfully realizing campaigns requires knowledge about where your money is spent. Customer journey analysis gives you insight in that. We are not just investing the marketing budget in the next best channel, but use small testing to measure the most efficient one. This way we can secure directing your money towards the right actions and achieving maximum results. We support you with implementing of the correct system, create campaignlinks with you or develop an automated system that runs on its own and continuously assigns links to the relative campaigns.

  • recording organic traffic
  • recording paid traffic
  • flexible KPI definitions
  • by request we offer inhouse setup
  • exact tracking – from banner to conversion




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As an e-commerce agency from Berlin our roots are in online marketing. Our focus hereby lies on the “meta-level”: we question processes and campaigns instead of solely executing them. Next to SEO, social media or affiliate marketing a shops identity plays another very important role. Hence we help our customers to create an individual tone to their projects and to stand out from template shops. Have a look at our services:

  • massive user increase
  • ranking in top charts
  • cheap CPC
  • transparent user flow
  • money back guarantee



More qualitative traffic & conversions through channel comprehensive and lasting marketing .


Successful online marketing is the result of a well thought-through plan of action. No matter if you want to improve your ranking with SEO, sell more via a smart shop system or reach more targetgroups by creating high quality content: an integrated approach results in more organic traffic and hence decreases costs.

Customers of our online marketing agency


What makes integr8 different compared to others?

 Everything we do leads to a clear result. We care for transparency, optimize organic traffic sources, run painstaking A/B testing and only start spending money when our campaigns and actions are as efficient as possible and have made sure of maximizing search traffic. Our approach is integrated communication – meaning, the obversation of all relevant marketing channels.