Analysen & Strategien

Analysis & strategies

  • client specific analysis
  • strategy development
  • practical recommended action advice
  • on all online marketing areas

Our areas of expertise

Every INTEGR8 project starts with a status quo analysis. Based on this we prepare the next steps. We not only collect this data because it is necessary to develop a good strategy, but also because it makes us get to know our client. Each of our areas of expertise has its own requirements for the analyses, which consist of several different methods and metrics. 

Search engine optimization

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To make sure that search engine optimization leads to success, we initially examine our clients websites in several analytical steps. Here we test technical as well as content factors and create relations to the competitors websites. From this comparison and the interpretation of the hereby collected data we can develop a strategy to increase the organic presence.

A performance marketing audit helps us detect potential of ongoing campaigns and consider it while creating strategies. We display the performance of the indiviudal campaigns by means of all relevant KPIs. We regard all our clients active online marketing channels and state clear recommendations for actions to maximize efficiency increasing optimiziation potential. For this purpose we also make use of all data that we gained from our analyses. This procedures is ideal for all our clients who want to gain an overview of their current campaign status to achieve further performance improvements. 

Social media analysis

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We use social media analysis to familiarise ourselves with our clients performance on all relevant social media channels. This gets us an extensive picture of the previous strategy and brand identity. During the analysis we find improvement possibilities and new potential leading to action recommendations and ensure an as effective as possible use of all social media channels for the future.

E-commerce strategy

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E-commerce is one of those areas where INTEGR8 was able to gain a lot of experience. Our agency is able to support the development of our clients online shops in numerous ways - from performance campaigns to the implementation of tracking standards all the way to customer journey analysis. Also regarding organic presence we can help our clients e-commerce projects with the help of SEO and content marketing measures to success.

Presenting brands in the web is an art form itself. The online presence needs to clearly communicate a brands identity and address the target group. We help our customers to build a convincing digital brand presence. Here we not only support them on their way to improve the online presence of already existing brands, but also support them in positioning new brands by staging them in the web in the best possible way. We love sharing our know-how in this area (for example in workshops) to create a solid foundation for a trustful collaboration.

Strategies based on data

We put a strong emphasis on transparent and clearly understandable strategies and recommendations with the help of explicit data. This is the reason why analyses in the different areas are crucial for us. They are essential for our work flows, since online marketing offers the possibility to collect inifinite data and measure pretty much anything. We help our clients to identify the most important metrics and detect all relevant patterns.