Content marketing

  •  selecting suitable channels
  • professional campaign management
  • use of all channels and possibilities
  • monitoring & conversion optimization
  • professional and transparent reportings


Websites and product text


Since at least the google panda updates it is clear that google prefers distinctive copy and gives them priority in the search results. This is a crucial to write the copy on your website – be it category or product text – on your own, rather than just copy and paste the distributors texts. We can do this task for you and at the same time edit them suitable for SEO.

Blog posts and articles


Interesting editorial content naturally spreads a lot better, compared to ungainly PR copy. They are easier to spread on social networks, blogs and in editorial offices and strengthen your brand messages credibility, thus leading to more brand awareness, backlinks and also leading visitor flow to your website.



We have great contacts to the press and bloggers, allowing us to optimal seeding of copy. We prefer an integrated content strategy to reach the most possible attention for your website. This includes spreading teaser copy about your products and brands as well as longer blog posts in social networks.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the whole of all marketing strategies that aim on being found by potential customers via “additional value providing” content. “The customer comes to you” is the slogan. The foundation of inbound marketing is the belief that potential customers are looking for products anyways and therefore only have to be lead to the right one. Outbond marketing on the other hand sends messages to the customer (flyers, newsletters, tv ads etc). Inbound marketing therefore is all about producing highly qualitative and useful content, which is search engine friendly and not only published on the own website, but also – independent from purchased ad space – spread by press, blogs and social network. A successful combination of various inbound marketing strategies can lead to great results with continuous and consistent use – not seldom even better ones than with the more pricey outbound marketing.

We love to take over the necessary work steps for you and help your website or your online shop to great success.

Content is still king.

Content marketing keeps getting more and more important for successful webprojects. On the one hand, every website needs qualitative, interesting and distinctive content to stand out from the competition in search engine results, on the other hand good editorial content generates more attention and spreads faster. More attention by enthralling copywriting is as important for your product as it is for your company, since good copywriting has a positive impact on the whole PR environment. This in turn leads to more backlinks, which results in organic link growth and better search engine rankings. Consequent and integrated content management is a cost-effective and highly efficient marketing tool.