Customer journey

  • evaluating target groups and sources
  • integrated rating of all channels
  • well-distributed budget
  • longlasting campaign improvement

The customer journey analysis software implementation enables us to analyze campaigns and exactly measure each actions success. By linking the bid management with it we ensure all marketing campaigns are evaluated correctly and the budgets are distributed dynamically, even with campaigns that are only preliminary for conversions.




Our agency service

To be able to make the right decisions it is crucial to use the best suited instruments for an analysis. It is also crucial in the next step to gather data, evaluate it and interpret it correctly. These important tasks are included in our tracking- and analysis support and hence create a bigger ROI and a more efficient distribution of the marketing budget.

  • choosing suitable analysis software
  • setup support
  • evaluating active campaigns
  • budget redistribution/optimization
  • flexible bid adjustment in bid management
  • proactive campaign adjustments

Distribute marketing budgets efficiently with the help of a customer journey analysis

Reliable tracking enables to comprehend more clearly where users come from and with which marketing channels they´ve had contact prior to a buy or a lead. As a performance marketing agency we look at all channels - from google and AdWords to RTB and affiliate to social ads.