Agency for display advertising


  • years of experience
  • freely scalable offer
  • know how in many industries
  • professional ad management
  • individual campaign management
  • uncomplicated communication


Display Ads in premium environments


Running ads on suitable ad portals is one of the oldest disciplines in display advertisement. Even though the trend runs more and more towards CPC and CPA, bookings based on the CPM (click-per-mille) are many times inevitable in premium environments. We have got a lot of expertise in this area and are happy to take over the respective campaign management for you.

Display ads with real time bidding


RTB technology enables the creation of an exact pattern for your target group and to deliver targeted ads across platforms to them. This model makes especially a lot of sense because it minimizes wastage. An example: a classic CPM booking of 100.000 impressions will be run on page x until the booked quota is exceeded. The ad will be delivered to every user visiting the website, meaning also to many returning visitors. RTB avoids this “fault” and makes sure that your budget will be used only for the desired visitors.

Display ads with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very effective tool to generate qualitative traffic for your website. We support you from choosing a suitable network (zanox, affilinet, belboon, tradedobler etc) to negotiating terms, creating advertisements, maintaining the partner network all the way to evaluating campaigns. We contact strong partners and publisher to further optimize the respective programs and track the sales development.

  • great connections to all established ad networks
  • CPI/CPA/CPO based campaigns
  • interesting flatrate deals
  • conversion tracking and monitoring



Double click bid management: reaching the desired target group in the right moment!

Running display ads is an artform. Googles double click bid manager helps us to plan the purchase of display ads more effectively. Accessing countless impressions enables us to determine the desired customer, based on this data – and also reach them in the right moment with the right message, and all that in real time.

Display advertisement: More than just banner ads

Display advertisement or banner ads are alongside content marketing the most common advertising method in the web. From standardized smaller advertising media to fireplaces, video ads or animations there are many applicable visual types of advertising. The different types of marketing have to be considered here.