Direct response TV marketing (DRTV)

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Marketing agency for direct response television

As a direct resonse television marketing agency from Berlin we specialize in short commercials. Based on the close collaboration with the respective brand and its USP the viewer is introduced to the purchase of a product in an effective and uncomplicated way.

What is DRTV?

DRTV is defined as an interactive TV commercial that includes a direct call for action. Hereby the viewer is encouraged directly to the purchase by pointing to the product or service. The action of purchase is then mostly executed by an overlaid phone number, a website URL or another channel.

DRTV spots are predominantly financed with a small budget, resulting in the ability to execute different phases of testing and to achieve profitable return rates. DRTV hereby focuses solely on the generated return rate and the costs which need to be decreased.

Who is DRTV suitable for?

DRTV is suitable for every eCommerce project or every brand, that wants to create fast sale volume. Due to the initially affordable production cost it can be measured how many returns were achieved by means of several different tracking methods. The respective brand can then optimize their commercial according to the analysis.

With which TV stations do we work in DRTV?

With all of them – DRTV is applicable on every TV station. However, several criteria have to be set, that differentiate between the quality as well as the length of the commercial (max. 89 seconds).

Customer example: eOffice24