eCommerce strategy

  • technical implementation
  • tracking all measures
  • analysing marketing channels
  • identifying profit generating measures
  • optimizing budget distribution

Professional strategies for e-commerce

A short customer journey, an outstanding user experience and uncomplicated ordering process are important factors for the success of an onlineshop. We position our clients strategically well on the market to maximize their webshops potential of gaining high returns. For this reason we support them with choosing appropriate tracking standards as well as with analysing and evaluating the top-selling marketing channels. This lets us ensure to always distribute the budget in the best marketing channels.

E-Commerce Strategie

E-commerce marketing

To lead an onlineshop to success requires strategies tailored to the shops product range. For making the grade we develop a marketing mix for our clients which correlates with their goals. Here we especially focus on a holistic approach factoring in paid traffic and organic traffic in equal measure, since this is the requirement for an as efficient as possible budget distribution. 

Performance marketing

The different performance marketing channels are well suited for directing qualitative traffic towards our clients stores. To achieve the best possible performance and a low CPO we test the different ad methods on various channels. With the help of modern tracking standards and a customer journey analysis we evaluate the best channels and distribute the budget appropriately. It is especially promising for shops to use remarketing technologies which allow us to specifically address those who already had a contact to one of our clients shops. Also very promising is to run product listing ads, which help the products of our customers to be found in google shopping. Both ways lets us reach groups with a high likelihood for conversion.

SEO for shops

Search engine optimization for shops is interesting in multiple aspects. On the one hand products need to be conditioned for errorfree crawling and indexing, on the other hand the pages need to have a good visibility in the organic search for the targeted market. To reach those targets it is very helpful to offer content tailored to the target groups and go above just the product description. We gladly help our clients to develop SEO and content strategies tailored exactly to their respective target groups and direct valuable traffic to their pages. We specifically create reports and dashboards for our clients to report the achieved effects and are herewith able to continously optimize the strategies. 

Tracking & customer journey

A well implemented tracking is a valuable decision-making aid, especially for online shops, since it allows to measure how much return is generated by the respective marketing channels. This way the online metrics can be directly taken into account for the economic strategies our our clients. Herewith statements can be made which paint the economic impact of our online marketing methods and offer an empiric foundation for planning subsequent steps. In connection with a customer journey analysis valuable insights can be gained, enabling an effective budget distribution.

A highly important part of our strategic plans is how to approach winning new customers. The best shop is useless if it is not findable or has a bad usability. Therefore we create packages consisting of our core services which are tailored to our clients needs and not only generate traffic for their shops, but also buyers.

If necessary we implement the whole shop development. With smaller project we use a mix of WordPress and WooCommerce, for bigger proejcts magento and shopware are our choice. We gladly advise our clients on our expert areas, be it performance marketing or UX design, to help them establish their shops successfully in the market.

E-Commerce Marketing