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E-commerce is more
than just a working online shop

As an e-commerce agency from Berlin our roots are clearly in online marketing. Here, we focus on the “meta-level”: we question processes and campaigns rather than only starting and executing them. Alongside SEO, social media and affiliate marketing the identity of a shop plays a big role. With a good nose for PR we help our customers to give their projects a unique touch, to stand out against plain shops. On the next few topics we would like to introduce you to our competences in that area.

Search engine optimization for online shops

Search engine optimization is an important area of e-commerce marketing for online stores and commercial websites. Continuous SEO work has a positive impact on search engine rankings with google and co. This leads to more visitors and more return. The improvement of ranking positions is no easy task, it requires a lot of intuition and finesse and the implementation of the newest knowledge. We´re helping you with established know-how and our experience to aquire more visitors and hence more conversions for your shop – long-lasting, since we only use clean SEO methods. Developing a great link building strategy is as much our job as the onpage and usability optimization of extensive online shops.

Affiliate marketing


Contrary to regular display advertising which requires direct negotiations with website providers and marketers, the affiliate system is based on a network of websiteproviders (affiliates) and merchants (you). Your displayed ads in the network are integrated on his website through the affiliate. So, if a user visits your website after clicking on an ad and perform an action (like signing up or a buy), the affiliate gets a commission – the amount of the commission is set by you. We will find out which networks are suitable for your e-commerce environment and your brand, we negotiate with the providers and make sure you´ll be getting a good deal. Furthermore we gladly create the required advertisement tools, place them and subsequently evaluate the campaigns.

Search engine advertising (SEA) for e-commerce

Search engine marketing (SEM) and, more specifically, search engine advertising (SEA) are used to buy search terms from the search engines which are relevant for your shop and your products and hence generating more qualitative traffic and sales. The purchased search terms are displayed above and to the right of the natural search results. They are charged by clicks. Alongside the purchased search terms, other areas such as the display network, remarketing or google shopping have an important role. The expenses for adwords can be assigned to the specific sellers via e-commerce tracking. Google adwords are an integral part of the marketing mix of online merchants. We create suitable campaigns for you and continuously optimize them.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing spans the areas community management and social ad marketing. We define community management as setting up and supporting a company page which enables a direct interaction with fans and followers (your customers/potential customers/potential buyers). With skillful community management – meaning informative, entertaining and funny posts – our e-commerce agency gets your customes to develop a positive relationship with your brand/product and to talk about it with others. The second area, social ad marketing, addresses the different advertising models which can be bought on youtube, facebook and co. This includes video-ads (prerolls), text and display ads, social ads etc.

Content marketing


Qualitative contents spread a lot better than plain promotional ones. Content marketing defines the ideal combination of qualitative editorial content and the PR message. The more interesting for the reader it is, the easier the distribution. Especially for e-commerce projects this is an essential part of the linkbuilding strategy. Alongside the positive impact on the backlink development it is very important for every commercial project to create qualitative and unique content for the website. Unique content gets positively evaluated by google and other search engines, leading to higher visability. Our author network consists of highly skilled copywriters with degress in german philology, philosophy and other humanitarian subjects.

Display advertising and targeting


Do you want to increase the reach of your ads and more traffic from a specific target group? This makes display advertising your method of choice. We analyze your market environment, negotiate the best conditions with platform providers and place your advertisement tools in suitable “neighborhoods”. In display advertising we work with different real time advertising providers and networks and of course with social networks, such as facebook, as well. A highly efficient form of delivery for example is retargeting. It shows the user advertisements for products that he had already searched for or looked at as well potentially interesting alternative products from the same category. In this area our e-commerce agency works with custom audiences on facebook, google remarketing and partners such as criteo.

Case study: Cashper

Cashper is an online portal on which one can apply for microloans. Our task was to increase the conversion rate (applicants for microloan). Extreme A/B testing with target groups and creative as well as using lookalike audience clones led to a significant decrease of the CPO (cost-per-order).  Hence, Cashper saved 11.590€ per 1000 loan applications.

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