Geofencing campaigns

  • exact targeting of walk-in customers
  • exact geo targeting within a 5m range
  • mobile ads in Facebook, Instagram and the whole mobile web
  • modern, measurable and efficient

The technology

Geo fencing means to digitally cover a certain area. Whoever enters that certain area will receive an information, ad message, a coupon or any other notification on his smartphone. Upon leaving the area - crossing the digital fence - the service ends again.


Mobile ads

  • location based mobile technology
  • geo-, interests- and demographic targeting
  • accurate target addressing: up to 5m
  • users are also adressable on their computers via cross device retargeting 
  • highly interesting for local events and retail

Exact targeting without wastage

In addition to the local factor we can apply numerous demographic filters and options. These ensure that only suitable users will be adressed, for example doctors or pharmacy technicians between 30 and 50 years of age. 




Better than posters or flyers

Alongside the minimized wastage these campaigns have an essential advantage: they accompany the user and basically wait for them in their trouser pocket. During waiting periods, while browsing Facebook or googling - whenever a user uses his phone, tablet or notebook, we can be there. 




Example: Olimp campaign during Fibo 2016

For the 2016 Fibo we created a virtual geo fence around Colognes fair area. All fair attendants who fit location, interests and demographic requirements were getting our notifications for the 3 booths and the companies entertainment program. Here´s what the ads looked like:




Reportings & evaluations

A campaigns success are delivered within a detailed reporting. We can incorporate numerous metrics in the reportings - from reach to certain actions, such as filling out a contact form.