Lead campaigns for brands and local companies

  • small wastage through targeting
  • precise measurability 
  • low price ad formats compared to traditional methods
  • strategic advice
  • tailored concepts

Within the campaigns we optimize digital lead acquisition for companies. The advantages: exact targeting, one hundred percent measurability and minimizing wastage. An important role plays developing a copy strategy which will help recognizing the different motives of a target group and achieve conversions. A landing page with a contact formular plays the central role, over which potentially interested parties (e.g. merchants, companies, applicants etc) sign up to be contacted.

The process



of the company, the target group & the competitors



of the campaign strategy
& ad concept



of media
& measures 

Advertising media design

We´ve got a lot of experience in banner design for designing advertising media, which will mainly be run on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Cing, google and Bing. Our graphic designers and conceptual designers are specialized on maximizing the conversion rate.



Lead Kampagnen

We design the advertising media for highest possible conversion rates.

We make sure to spread the main idea on all relevant channels. 

  • more "likes"
  • more comments
  • more reach
  • more conversions

Campaign optimization

Via test campaigns in all selected channels we identify the advertisement groups and ad media which are suitable for acquiring qualitative users for a low budget in a scalable way. This ensures the marketing budget only goes towards the most efficient measures. The successful concepts are then transferred on to other campaigns and gradually extended.

Advertisement 1

The advertisement proves to be inefficient since it does not address the target group and is ran on the wrong channels.

Budget 1000€
CPL: 15€

Lead Kampagnen
Lead Kampagnen

Advertisement 2

The optimized ad is clearly improved and sends a clearer message. Customers can be reached more effectively now due to testings.

BUDGET: 1000€
CPL: 5€
LEADS: 200

ISUZU case study: landingpage

You can view our campaign for car manufacturer ISUZU on www.dmax-erleben.de . There we offer test drives to a certain B2B target group (craftsmen, unters, caretakers and garden and landscape designers). The campaign triggers the target group via an emotional picture and video language and presents the miscellaneous special editions. 




ISUZU case study: advertisement media

Here you can find a selection of the different advertisement media used for the ISUZU campaign.

Isuzu Case Study

ISUZU case study: results

By switching to digital and the continuous campaign optimization we were able to generate a low priced and stable cost per lead of 20 € for ISUZU. This matches a significant cost decrease towards print and call center actions etc.

More examples


You can view the lead campaign for our client OLAPLEX on www.entdecke-olaplex.de which aims to generate new retailer contacts (hairdressers & salons). 

Potential buyers can order a product sample here and also request the approach by field staff, which significantly facilitates their job (warm leads).




We support the factoring company Adesion with generating contacts to companies which are interesed in operational transfer of their accounting. 

Potential clients can ask for direct support via a contact form on the campaign landing page. 

Tattoo Salbe

On haendler.tattoosalbe.com we generate B2B retailer contacts to tattoo studios, concept stores, cosmetic salons, drugstores etc for Tattoo Salbe.

Similar as with OLAPLEX potential buyers can order product samples and agree to an approach by a sales manager.