Agency for mobile marketing

  • more traffic and sales by increasing mobile access
  • higher conversion rates through mobile customer journey
  • we are developing an integrated online marketing strategy for you
  • we have many years worth of experience in mobile-, online- and e-commerce marketing


Tracking mobile visitors and retargeting


More and more users read up on brands and products on mobile website, such as on their commute. The actual conversion (sale or signup) usually happens at a different time and on a different device, for example on a desktop pc. Via customer journey tracking and cross device tracking these mobile users and website visitors can be identified and then, by means of a tailored campaign, be persuaded to a return or conversion. This retargeting happens across platforms – from websites to blogs and magazines to facebook and google.

Mobile search / SEO & adwords

More and more users are using search engines on their mobile devices. That means that search engine marketing needs to be tailored to a mobile strategy. Mobile SEO as well as mobile adwords campaigns are of increasing importance. We, as a mobile marketing agency, optimize your search engine strategy as well as your mobile search campaigns and by that increase the traffic and conversions.

  • monitoring mobile SEO rankings
  • optimizing mobile landing pages
  • creating mobile search campaigns (adwords)
  • maximizing mobile access and conversions



Mobile marketing with real time bidding


RTB plays an important role in mobile marketing as well. Exact targeting and specific impression buys within milliseconds enables us to aquire users cross-platform wise. RTB is an important tool for branding- as well as performance campaigns.

Social media and mobile marketing

25 million people use facebook in Germany alone. This makes community management and social ads extremely important range providers for a successful mobile marketing strategy. While fanbases can be generated with community management  via interesting, informative or well thought through commercial posts, social ad marketing rather tries to direct users in a cost efficient way to your website or landingpage and to transform them into “converting” users – meaning: buyers, subsribers etc. We accomplish this with A/B testing with target groups and through the smart use of different advertisement tools.

Mobile creatives – better reach

The attention span of a potential customer is generally about one second. Therefore communication methods should be aimed on delivering the message in less than a second, so to trigger a certain reaction (conversion). By testing of creatives the most efficient format is identified. This makes sure that the budget is distributed correctly into the most efficient channels and ensures a return that is as high as possible. 

  • efficient use of A/B testing
  • conversion tracking & monitoring

Your product deserves its own strategy in the mobile web!

Continuously increasing access numbers in the mobile web are a clear indicator for the importance of that area. A mobile and responsive website is not enough anymore. Just as in classical online marketing there are countless possibilities in mobile marketing to positively influence and increase access numbers. Alongside a decided SEO strategy for mobile searches, mobile display advertisement, social media marketing and co are important tools.