Performance marketing analysis

  • Status quo of tracking/customer journey analysis
  • Review of all display campaigns
  • Review of all SEA measures
  • Developing a strategic foundation
Audit & Strategie-Entwicklung

Audit & strategy development

With our performance marketing analysis we evaluate the potential of our clients active online marketing channels. By screening current campaigns we recognize optimization potential leading to increased efficiency.

These types of analyses are exactly what all marketers who are already active in online marketing would want. It makes sense for clients who are efficient with their marketing activities and want to work with high quality standards to examine these via an audit. This ensures the internal workflow to be up to date. We not only point out our clients development potential to them, but also give them clear recommendations of action.

Our approach

We examine the performance of completed as well as currently active campaigns of our clients, measure their performance on the basis of relevant KPIs and examine the respective setup. We analyze the potential of relevant target groups and enable a more exact target group segmentation for the future campaigns.

Based on these analyses our clients will be able to optimize their online marketing campaigns and approach, or have them optimized by us.

Performance Analyse