Performance marketing

  • Selecting the best channels for apps
  • Professional campaign management
  • Usage of all channels and possibilities
  • Monitoring & conversion optimization
  • Professional and transparent reporting

Search engine advertising

Search engines like google and bing offer a display network (e.g. adsense) with a high reach on their respective search platforms. By specifically for website marketing optimized advertisements such as remarketing and targeting, search engine advertisement (SEA) through google and bing – next to facebook, affiliate and ASO – is an outstanding marketing channel for apps.

  • good connections to all established ad networks
  • CPI/CPA/CPO based campaigns
  • interesting flatrate deals
  • conversion tracking & monitoring



Online marketing with Facebook



Facebook offers companies a wide range of ad delivery templates and targeting options. With the user information and interaction details target groups can be very clearly defined. Advertisements can then be tailored specifically to the target group and delivered very cost-effectively.

  • flexible budget
  • CPI based campaigns
  • CPA/CPO based campaigns
  • custom audiences & retargeting
  • conversion tracking



Online marketing with real time bidding

Real time bidding allows you to bid on specific placements and ad impressions – completely automated and in real time. Thus real time bidding enables a cross platform and affordable target group addressing.

Online marketing with ad networks

There are more advertising possibilities than just running an ad on google. Traffic for the own website can be bought on advertisers and networks. This requires a good connection to trustworthy and affordable providers. Ad networks bring advertisers and smaller website and app providers together and enable them to monetize their platform without having to establish their own distribution network.

  • good connections to all of the established ad networks
  • CPA/CPO/CPC based campaigns
  • interesting flatrate deals
  • conversion tracking and monitoring



Online marketing with retargeting

Applying a retargeting pixel enables the identification of website visitors. If a visitor shows interest for a product or a service he can be addressed via tailored campaigns with this method and be encouraged to a conversion or buy. Retargeting works on several platforms and is applicable on websites, blogs, magazines, facebook and google.

Better creatives. More reach.

A potential customer has got an averaged attention span of one second. Therefore, communication methods should be aimed to send the desired message to the recipient in less than a second to make him react accordingly (conversion). By testing of creative the most successful formats can be determined. This makes sure that the budget is distributed in the most efficient channels and to maximize the return.

  • efficient implication by A/B testing
  • conversion tracking & monitoring



Well-planned performance marketing increases the website traffic and results in increasing conversions.

Performance campaigns are an ideal method to increase visitor count and generate sales. Tailored communication methods, based on user data, are used to animate the users to visit the website and ideally trigger a sale. Successful companies not only sell once, but also establish a long-lasting relationship to their customers and create a strong customer loyalty.