Public Relations

  • increases popularity
  • increases website traffic
  • improves overall ranking
  • strengthens brand popularity


Brand PR

A brand image is a certain image that comes to a consumers mind when encountering a brand or a company. It is usually made up by several experiences the consumer had with the brand. Therefore, brand PR does not only aim on increasing the brands popularity, but also to maintain the image and create trust. Only if these criteria are met the consumer will be interacting with the brand.


Online shop PR

Informative and editorial content is the most important part for online shops. By using them in the right environment they increase the popularity of an online shop and deliver valuable backlinks. As an online marketing agency we see our task in supporting our customs with the creation of an editorial plan, writing notifications and spreading the content.

App PR

PR work has a high influence on an apps success. If the right triggers are pulled, the app can become a thing in magazines, communities and with bloggers and reach very high popularity. Similar as in e-commerce qualitative backlinks can influence the ranking position in the app store, which on the other hand has enormous results on organic traffic. As an online marketing agency with a special focus on app marketing we can deliver great services in this area for our customers.

We have got valuable contacts

Sponsored posts are an important PR tool.  As advertorials and reviews they provide valuable backlinks, leading to an improved ranking and hence to better organic traffic. An ongoing flow of qualitative backlinks are especially relevant for the ranking factor. Our various contacts to the most renowned journalists and bloggers of the industry help us in achieving the highest possible reach.

We write professionally.

Our agency is known for professional copywriter and creative heads. We are making sure that websites maintained by us stand out from the competition and press releases are enthralling, to ensure they are not getting lost in the constant stream of standard PR releases. We create targeted actions to make our customers website stay in the users mind: launch partys, extraordinary gimmicks or guerilla marketing actions – we offer a broad range of creative solutions.

PR means integrated marketing – from image to SEO.


Traditional PR work won´t show results in minutes, but nontheless is an elementary part of a thought through online marketing concept. Informative and well composed press releases are the requirement for releases to be published. Good contacts to press representatives are crucial for success. Conceptual presswork and keeping a mailing list up to date seems to be a lot of work compared to the quick usability of facebook and other social media. But the work pays off – with long term results. This is exactly why the direct contact to print magazines, bloggers etc is so important. The right combination of marketing instruments are highly important for a product and brand launch – mixing traditional with innovative and radically unconventional instruments. Only this intelligent mix will lead your product to success.

Product strategy in mobile web

Traditional PR work is an elementary part of a thought through online marketing concept. Informative and well composed press releases are the requirement for publications which make for popularity and backlinks to your website. With the help of various contacts and well-developed mailing list we can offer target group tailored PR as well as sponsored news and advertorials on low cost terms. Hereby we use traditional as well as innovative PR methods to ensure the key message reaches the desired target group.