• increased customer loyalty with retargeting
  • individually scalable offers
  • long term experience
  • transparent campaign management

Reactivate potential buyers

Retargeting enables us to specifically reach only persons who are already familiar with our clients products. Choosing the ad media according to these specific groups comes with numerous advantages, leading to high interaction and conversion rates with low costs per click.

  • specific targeting of potential buyers
  • reactivation of "jump shipers" 
  • increased ad relevance

Retargeting on different channels

Different ad platforms offer the possiblity to run remarketing campaigns. Facebook and AdWords are excellently suited for this targeting option, but the highest flexibililty is reached with RTB. As soon as a contact point with the website is made, the visitor can be reached via retargeting campaigns. To increase efficiency we segment the target group and increase the advertising relevance gor each group. 

  • remarketing on Facebook, AdWords and with RTB
  • target group segmentation
  • adjusted ad media according to each segment

Dynamic remarketing

Dynamic retargeting reaches even further than standard retargeting. The advertising media comply with the content the user has viewed on the website previously. This way we can, for example, advertise products which have already been put in the shopping cart, but haven´t been bought yet. These measures not only suit e-commerce very well, but also our clients from app- or service industries.

  • advertisements comply with user behaviour
  • potential customers are reminded of the product
  • text and picture ads

Directly address potential buyers with retargeting

Retargeting means tagging website visitors with cookies. By means of these cookies visitors can later be identified on different websites. The respective products and services of the formerly visited website can now be shown to the visitors again. If a visitor hasn´t completed a purchase or a different form of conversion on a former visit, it is now possible via specific ad placement to animate the visitor again to a purchase or a conversion.