Agency for search engine advertising (SEA)

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  • years of experience
  • transparent campaign management
  • flexible budgets
  • hand-in-hand cooperation


SEA for online shops


Since our roots are in e-commerce, AdWords campaigns and SEA for onlineshops are one of our specialties. They are an essential part of a good performance marketing mix and have to be created after a systematic research (keyword analysis, competitors screening etc) and need to be continuously updated and looked after. Alongside AdWord ads google shopping and remarketing are essential parts of our SEM tasks. SEA and adwords are the most important distribution channel for most onlineshops.

Google AdWords

Google offers via its network a highly efficient possibility to run ads. As soon as the right AdWords strategy has been created, it can be addressed via campaigns towards the specific target groups. Instead of only lowering the CPC (cost-per-click) as a lot of agencies do, we also focus on the success of the CPO (cost-per-order). Our goal therefore is not only to direct plenty traffic towards websites but also to generate as many sales from it as possible.

  • flexible budget
  • CPA/CPO based campaigns
  • custom audiences and retargeting
  • conversion tracking



Retargeting with SEA

Retargeting campaigns serve the purpose to animate a purchase in potential customers. As soon as they have visited a website or clicked on a link that has been planned by us, they are labeled as potential buyers and can be animated to return to the website or to a purchase by means of targeted ads. 

  • lowers CPO cost
  • promotes impulse buying
  • increases user loyalty
  • works cross-platform (google, facebook etc)



Well planned campaigns lead to success!


The goal of search engine advertising is to increase qualitative traffic of a website. Creating a thought-through and low-cost adwords campaign is a challenge for qualified SEM managers every single time. Only a well-planned and optimized campaigns results in long-lasting success. Our duty as a SEA agency from Berlin is it to create maximum success with a limited budget. This is about the optimum click rate and the best-possible conversion rate (sales, orders etc).