Analysen & Strategien

SEO Analysis

  • status quo check
  • onPage analysis
  • competitors analysis
  • monitoring&reporting


We start every project by investing the status quo. This introduces us to the current situation and are able to clearly measure our actions results. Based on this we continuously optimize the strategy towards our clients goals. This analysis not only builds the foundation for following steps, but also lets us draw up transparent, well-founded reports.


During this analysis we examine whole websites. Alongside the solely technical onPage factors we also look at the content, internal link structure and URL structure. This way we can detect not only if crawlability and indexability run without any interference, but also how well the current ranking potential is being used. At the end of the onPage analysis we give you clear recommendations for measures on how to further optimize the pages. 


This analysis lets us observe the SEO factors of our clients´ competitors and carve out benchmarks for the most important SEO KPIs. It lets us show improvement possiblities for our clients´ websites. We not only check the competitors´ visibility in search engines, but also examine their complete SEO strategy. This leads us to valuable insights which then, in turn, lead to more recommendations.


SEO is an continuous process. All changes on a website have an effect on rankings. To be able to detect and assign these effects we use several different tools to look at our clients websites and compare the newly collected data with older data, leading is to constant optimization. 

Der Nutzen von SEO-Analysen

The use of SEO analyses

Every SEO project starts with analyses which we use to detect improvement potential on our clients web presence. We examine onPage and offPage factors as well as the competitors performance. Based on these data we develop further strategies and action recommendations.

Only by doing this work continuously we can improve search engine rankings. To be able to make the right decisions here it is crucial to be familiar with the current project status of our clients and spot errors and potential. Thus we can start the correct strategies measures.