Analysen & Strategien

Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • individually scalable offers
  • long term experience
  • reputable white hat SEO
  • transparent campaign management
  • comprehensive consulting

SEO is a matter of trust.


Each company needs SEO methods. That´s why the market is flooded with SEO providers. But in most cases the services are outdated and aren´t up to date to the current state of search engines. Addditionally there are a whole range of dubious providers that promise heaven and earth to dumping prices, but lead to irreparable damages for companies in the long term. Finding a serious and professional SEO agency is not always easy. As an online marketing agency with a wide range of expertise on the SEO field we work with the newest methods and use exclusively reputable methods. We practice “white hat SEO”. This way we guarantee long term success for companies.

On-page SEO

In line with on-page-analysis websites are checked for relevant search engine ranking factors. This includes identifying errors and evaluating potential optimization areas. The insights from the on page analysis can be summarized in an extensive reporting, or, if desired, improved administrately by us.

  • increasing of organic search engine traffic
  • lower costs by outsourcing
  • transparency by contionuos reportings
  • strategic and comprehensive online marketing consultation



Off-page SEO



External links on websites are important ranking criteria for search engines. While back in the days it was possible to improve your ranking by buying or renting links, these days it is advisable to develop an enduring backlink strategy to enhance the ranking position in the long term. As convinced white hat SEO specialists we regard good PR for the best linkbuilding strategy.

SEO for onlineshops

Search engine optimization for online shops are a specific challenge. Rapidly rising product numbers also means a rapidly rising volume of landingpages, which could negatively influence ranking positions. As a SEO agency it is our job to optimize the shops´ quality so that the visitor has to make as few as possible clicks to complete his purchase. Building an optimal user experience, internal links, best possible keyword combinations and reducing expired content are among the most important topics.

SEO competition analysis

The SEO analysis of competitors (onpage/offpage) is a valid method to evaluate your own potential for your website.  Hereby we examine which keywords are found in the competitors website in search engines, which potential this means and who links externally to the pages.

Local SEO

Many companies and their service are local ones. A big part of searches herefore happens locally and mobile at the same time. With the help of the right SEO strategy, more visitors can be guided to local companies or events.

  • efficient use due to A/B tracking.
  • conversion tracking and monitoring



Individual SEO strategy

An individual SEO strategy is built on a detailed competitors analysis. Not only are SEO methods evaluated, but also comprehensive communication methods are used: your own blog for qualified content or a specific PR action, leading to more organic backlinks to the website are only two of many possibilities.

Organic search

Effective link placements as well as maintaining and adding content establishes continuously increasing organic traffic on websites (organic search). This method not only leads to more website visitors, but also lowers online marketing costs.

We are not only a SEO agency, we also know how to use SEO in the right context.

As an agency for SEO we help companies to make their products and service visible in the internet and connect customers and sellers. But – search engine optimization is a highly sensitive topic. While well developed strategies and optimization methods can lead to long term success for a website, shady and dubious methods can kill the good ranking in no time again. This makes it utterly important to choose the right agency for SEO.