Agency for Facebook ads

  • exact addressing of individual target groups
  • exact campaign definition by emphasis
  • cross-device campaign conception
  • reach specific target groups with local awareness

Advertise for your online shop

We will bring your relevant target groups directly to your online shop with ideal ad media, such as standard ads, multi product ads or story ads. We can design the campaigns for cross-device ability to reach your target group wherever they are active.

Increase your brands popularity

We increase your brands popularity with different ad media such as video ads, photo ads or link ads. We generate target groups which resemble your previous customers or fans. This lets us increase not only the lead gain efficiency, but also sales and brand management.

Direct Facebook users to your shop

With Facebook we can address people from your immediate environment. Via local awareness ads we can reach your specific target group as soon as they are close to your shop location and tempt them to approach you by different call to action notifications - for example through direct routing.

Increase your app downloads

You developed an app and want it to become popular? We create campaigns which will increase not only installations, but also certain activities within your app. Here we not only advertise in Facebook, but also in third party apps.

Facebook Ads generate more accuracy

Facebook ads do more than just generating likes, since it specifically adresses target groups. Our campaigns can be defined exactly by demographic criteria, such as age, gender, language, residence or interests and behaviour. Already existing data such as eMail addresses or app user IDs can be used to activate established customer relations and directly address the customers again and again.