Social media marketing agency

  • experienced community managers
  • campaign optimization experts
  • big reach through strategic overview
  • dynamic communication and trend capture


Community management

Community management for us means building and maintaining a company page, allowing you direct interaction with fans and followers (your customers and potential customers). With smart community management – meaning a balanced mix between informative/entertaining and commercial content – we as a social media marketing agency lead your customers to develop a stronger brand popularity/product popularity and engage them to talk about it with others. We are especially specialized for building a big reach in the social media world. Our customers have a weekly post range between 1.000.000 and 10.000.000 – without having to spend any budget. We would love to show you in a personal appointment how we can achieve this for your website as well.

Social ads

Social ad marketing deals with the different advertisement forms bookable on youtube, facebook and co. This includes videos (“prerolls”), text- and display ads and promoted posts. Facebook now offers a broad range of different advertisements for different promotion needs. Prior to creating an ad you need to determine which kind of result you want to achieve with the ad.

E-commerce and social media

Facebook conversion tracking is perfect for applying e-commerce marketing. We as a social media marketing agency achieve especially via custom audiences and facebook retargeting excellently scalable results.

Branding through social media

By using fan ads and promoted posts it is possible for brands and companies to create a strong facebook community and to carry their content into the world of social networks. This lastly makes for a higher trust and greater connection to the customers. Posts as well as pictures, videos and links to your products can be placed. A crucial role herein plays the community management – meaning the creative compositono of posts that are only meant for interacting with your followers: knowledge, competitions etc.

Social app ads

Facebook is an important tool for app developers to increase their growth and in-app traffic with longlasting results. Conversion tracking, custom audiences and retargeting deliver fantastic results here as well.