Facebook marketing agency

  • specific targeting
  • market target group interaction
  • increase your own brand popularity
  • increase organic traffic
  • social ads for low cost performance marketing
  • synergy effects with other marketing channels


Facebook offers the perfect channel to get in touch with your target group.

As a facebook marketing agency we are specialized on specifically adressing your targetgroups. Community management helps to establish and strengthen the loyalty and emotional connection between you and your community, while we also run facebook ads that are target group and performance oriented at the same time.

Advertising goals on Facebook

More likes with interesting content that doesn´t bore. 

It is the great content that sparks curiosity. This also works for the target groups in the news feed.

 By running an ad redirected to your website your customers can reach you with a simple click.

Actions of users who have visited your website after viewing your facebook ad can be tracked. The knowledge of this procedure give you insight on how your users act and why. This gives you a better base to optimize ads and website.

 By implementing a call to action button on your ads you can motivate your target groups to download your app. By clicking on that symbol user will be redirected instantly to the respective store.

By presenting specific product in your app you can motivate users to perform specific actions within the app (buy, register, perform tutorial etc)

By creating product-related offers (discounts, rewards etc) you get your customers to complete transactions with you.

Video ads let you describe your company and your brand, entertain your target group or motivate your users to purchases. Video ads will be played in the desktop version as well as in the mobile newsfeed of your users.

Community management on facebook


Community management on facebook is highly undervalued. Likes or number of fans are not the only important thing, but also the post reach and single user engagement. As a facebook marketing agency with the community management we mainly rely on the interaction between entertaining and informative content and use the possibility to provide real value. It is our goal to not only bring you closer to your community, but also to constantly grow it and strengthen the loyalty and connection between you and your customers.

Advertising via facebook ads


Facebook ads gives you the possibility to run ads specifically aimed on targetgroups: selected by location, age, interest, gender and many more. Different ad formats make it possible to accumulate users by various different ways and to present and measure the performance graphically via the admanagement tool.