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Professional influencer marketing agency from Berlin

We have years of experience with social networks and have known Instagram and co. right from their beginnings. With time, we were able to build an excellent network of pages and social media celebrities which can be instantly activated for varying industries and companies.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of digital marketing where a company spreads ad campaigns via an influencer, mainly in social media. Influencer are people who are popular in the web and therefore, as opinion leaders, influence others decisions in certain areas – like famous bloggers. They are recognizable by their amount of followers/fans and through a high interaction rate through likes, shares and comments.

Companies can use influencer marketing to increase their brands visibility and grow their campaigns reach, since influencers have a mostly large audience. The possibility, that the influencers follower give attention to the promoted brand or buy a promoted product is pretty high, since they view the influencers as authorities or rolemodels. This is especially true for younger target groups which move primarily in social media and are hard to reach through traditional marketing methods.

On which platforms does influencer marketing happen?

As previously mentioned, social networks are the perfect place to make influencer marketing happen. Platforms like youtube, facebook, instagram, twitter and these days also snapchat are the favoured channels.
Everyone has heard about youtubestars who became famous, germanywide or even worldwide, with their tutorials, music or comedy clips. Influencer videos on youtube can contain the most various content, whereas instagram is more like a “model factory” (actually, there have already quite a few models been casted on this app) and a place to showcase lifestyle and esthetics.

Instagrams character is visuality. Here not only words transport a message, but also pictures – a grateful environment for marketing campaigns.

This is also the reason why twitter – primarily used for news – is less lucrative in this area. Next to social networks, influencer marketing also happens in the blog sphere. It is not uncommon that their channels cross each other, since blogger push their posts also in social media.

What effect does influencer marketing have?

Influencer marketing has one crucial advantage to other marketing campaigns: companies can achieve a great reach already with quite small financial investions – compared to high cost TV or billboard ads, since influencers usually serve another or broader crowd which is not locally based.

Many companies send their products for free to social media stars for the purpose of them promoting them in videos or thanking in a picture post. This creates a win-win situation: the more prestige a company has and the more pricy the product is, the more approval fans have for the blogger. The irish fashion brand “primark” focuses its whole advertisement on influencers – using the hashtag “#primania” users can showcase their new outfits to the internet, meaning that primark completely saves on advertising cost, since they don´t use any other advertisement.

Followers usually look at influencers as authorities, rolemodels or idols and oftentimes copy their style. This made it possible that the “keeping up with the Kardashians” star Kylie Jenner sold out a whole lipstick collection within seconds, just by posting one post on instagram.


If a follower promotes a product, its followers usually assume that the product is good, increasing the chance of them actually purchasing the product. Trust and credibility are the keywords here. Although it has to be mentioned that on many blogposts, instagram posts or youtube videos quite often no reference to cooperations is given. Only lately, renowned blogs and their social channels use the hashtags #ad, #sponsored and #incooperationwith.

How to find the right influencers?

Before looking for the right influencer, it is highly important to define your own targetgroup the campaign goal. Selecting a fashion blogger to promote a tech product won´t usually make a lot of sense. So, research first, choosing the influencer later.

Herefore it is helpful to search social platforms for certain hashtags or keywords. For finding bloggers, you can also search the blogsphere, but these methods cost a lot of time.

These days there are many helpful tools to find influencers or even maintain a whole campaign. Buzzsumo and followerwonk are among the most well-known tools and are for free. They interpret data from certain social networks and can create lists with the most influential people for a certain keyword.

If you are not sure about choosing the right influencer or rather trust the opinion of professionals, and also want to benefit from already existing connections to influencers, you are looking for an influencer marketing agency.

How to properly interpret influencer marketing campaigns

There are also tools for interpreting campaigns, but most of them are not for free. Tools such as Traackr, Right Relevance Pro or Neoreach offer, alongside to influencer search, also complex analysis for evaluating influencer marketing campaigns.

These tools can for example measure how big of a reach a campaign has achieved and therefore, how successful it was. They can also track the relations between influencers and the company and hence measure how procreative these relations are.

Prices for these tools vary quite a bit – Traackr is a tool in the higher price range, which is why it is not profitable for every smaller company. The purchase alone will set you short 2500 USD (2250 EUR), creating a top25 ranking is 499 USD (450 EUR) per month. Right Relevance Pro however is relatively cheap with 4,99 USD/month and a good alternative to get started with influencer marketing analysis.

Influencer marketing has not existed for very long – this marketing strategy is not only highly effective, but also very low cost. Companies can not only increase the range of their marketing campaigns, but also establish their brand. Since there are various tools for researching influencers and evaluating campaigns these days, it is not very time-consuming anymore. Especially smaller and new companies should definitely use the chances social media offers.