Instagram marketing

  • organic reach
  • outstanding platform for community management
  • ideal for product placement
  • implementation of different ad formats
  • accounting is the same as with facebook (CPC, CPM, OCPM)
  • fortification of emotional connection to the brand
  • brand image strengthening
  • target group targeting via custom audiences, interests and lookalike targetgroups


Three ways to more success with Instagram: community management, product placement and advertisement

There are only a few digital agencys in Germany which are official “Instagram for business” partners. We are amongst them and are therefore allowed to also run ads on Instagram, alongside product placement and community management. With us you have made the right choice for Instagram marketing. We guarantee you real followers, fans and target group oriented content.

About Instagram

Everyone is talking about nstagram. With more than 300 million active users worldwide and about 70 million daily posts Instagram has already passed twitter and is now number two – right behind its parent company Facebook. The fusion of the two companies allows a strong link of the content which can lead to an even bigger reach. Unlike on Facebook, Fnstagram is all about posting emotive pictures. This additionally strengthens loyalty and emotional connection to company brands. Three easily distinguishable actions are of high importance for companies here: community management, product placement via influencers and running Instagram ads.

Community management with Instagram

Just as with Facebook it is essential to constantly update and maintain your Instagram account. Not communicating here will make you lose your target group. Community management is a great tool to frequently produce content and to stay in touch with your target group, though Instagram users have high standards for posts. It is therefore crucial to know how you as a company want to present yourself and which messages you want to deliver to your target group. As an Instagram agency we support you with solving these tasks and develop, together with you posting strategies tailored for your users which guarantee a bigger reach.

Advertising with Instagram ads

It is finally possible to run ads on Instagram from Germany. The fusion with Facebook gives access to detailed user data which enables delivering target group tailored campaigns on Instagram. Instagrams ad model offers companies four different formats for delivering ads: image ads, carousel ads, video ads and link ads.

Product placement via influencers

Many users use Instagram to promote themselves. They all have their individual fans who follow them because of certain emotional reasons, who like their posts and comment. Thanks to our long-term experience in social media marketing we have a great pool of connections, which we can implement into our customers marketing. Depending on the product or service we select a suitable channel for you and develop a strategic approach to your target group.



Choosing the right hashtag is crucial for a posts success

We as an Instagram agency recommend using seven to eleven hashtags. This makes knowing about hashtags and hashtag trends associated with your brand crucial. Using hashtags helps you activating your target group and to stay in touch with it. It also expands your marketing possibilities and allows identifying the most important influencers. We have a lot of experience and the necessary know how to implement effective hashtags and hereby activate your target group more strongly for your brand, your product or your service. We also determine the current hashtag trends and place your posts with which you will achieve a bigger reach and engagement.