How can I help you?

The initial situation

NIVEA wanted to develop a chatbot in order to use the technology for the first time, to be innovative and to develop media apart from the previous digital presences. The concept was completely open and was to be developed as part of the project.

The goal

The open situation allowed the development of various concepts with the respective objectives. Since NIVEA was already well positioned in the area of support & e-commerce, it quickly became clear that we wanted to use the technical and functional possibilities of chatbots to develop an independent product within the framework of the NIVEA brand. The central question was: How can a user experience be created through the use of a chatbot that would not have been possible via classic digital media?

Especially two aspects were playing an important role:


The chatbot proactively approaches the user and can be contact himself at any time.


The preferences and attributes of the user are being captured by the chatbot and affect their behaviour.

The service wasn’t supposed to be primarily marketing focused – more importantly it should communicate with the target audience apart from the usual campaigns and media.

The result: The baby chatbot.

As a result of the previous strategic approach the baby chatbot was developed.

With the aim of providing expectant and new parents with a tool to help them answer pressing questions, the chatbot was trained to answer hundreds of questions. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, all answers and texts were validated and approved in advance by the Deutsche Hebammenverband.

The bot can be accessed via the associated website and Facebook. In addition, the knowledge catalog is supplemented by a corresponding content offering on various topics related to pregnancy, baby care and parenthood.

For concept and development that chatbot was awarded the Digital Communication Award in 2019.