Working in the wild

The challenge

TIER is the first fully carbon neutral micro-mobility company. Their e-scooters are now available in 110 cities and 11 countries, and demand continues to grow.

The fact is that the service is very well received by the user. But it is also a fact that TIER does not get enough applications, especially rangers are hard to get.

The goal

was to generate 2,000 applications in 10 German cities within 2 months.

The solution

Within this campaign, it was very important to us to do a bit more than just highlight the company’s USP or define the target groups smartly. In this campaign, we were primarily concerned with creating a level of communication through the creative elaboration of the advertising material and landing page that is approachable, joyful and, above all, uncomplicated.

The result

The campaign actually went even better than expected. We reached our target of 2,000 applications in just 6 weeks and the CPL was 30% below the initial estimate.