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TikTok Advertising

With a rapidly growing audience, short video platform TikTok has become an attractive advertising platform and is generating tremendous interest among advertisers. The big advantage of TikTok marketing? Via app, TikTok is always with you and your target group is therefore always reachable! Playful, dynamic, original – with emotional TikTok advertising you have a new advertising opportunity!

As a TikTok marketing agency, we will guide you through the planning, implementation and execution of your TikTok advertising campaigns.

Campaign strategy

Together we design a strategy incl. Advertising needs, personas, budget planning, goal setting, etc.

Advertising material production

We’re finding new creative ways to advertise through hashtag challenges, brand takeovers, AR lenses & more

Campaign setup & management

We offer monitoring, reporting & continuous optimization with ROI focus


TikTok campaign strategy

As a TikTok marketing agency, we work with you to determine a campaign strategy. This includes the goal of the campaign (for example, conversion goals such as transactions or app installs), the advertising budget, the advertising material requirements, and the advertising period. Audience modeling and tracking concepts are also part of campaign planning in TikTok marketing.

In addition, we are planning what communication strategy will best reach the TikTok community.

Advertising material production

With TikTok marketing, you score points with eye-catching creatives. In fullscreen ad format, TikTok Ads take up the entire smartphone display, so you have users‘ full attention. If you do not yet have your own advertising material, our creative team will create the content pieces. TikTok offers a wide range of opportunities in this regard: Brand Takeovers, Sponsored Hashtag Challenges, Branded Effects, Augmented Reality Lenses – all these new TikTok marketing opportunities lead to more interaction and engagement with your brand.

TikTok Campaign Setup & Management

During campaign setup, we book the campaigns, including ad groups and ad media, into TikTok for Business. During the life of your TikTok advertising campaigns, we always keep an eye on the KPIs to get the maximum ROI for you. For this purpose, we continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns.
With the help of its own pixel, TikTok offers a tracking option to measure user behavior and conversions. Additionally, with Hashtag Challenges, user engagement can be measured through new metrics such as hashtag pageviews or the number of user-generated videos. At regular intervals, you will also receive reportings on the progress of your TikTok ads.